About Open Heart Healing & Soul-Reflexology

Lisa’s has had an interest in natural and complementary therapies for over 30 years. Lisa’s GP was unable to get to the bottom of a condition she developed and she was subsequently helped by accessing homeopathy, whole foods and yoga.

Since that time Lisa has included complementary therapies in her own healthcare regime as well as being inspired to train in different holistic healing modalities to help others.

For many years Lisa worked alongside her nursing with her own wellbeing clinics. Now that she has retired from nursing she runs her Open Heart Healing and Soul-Reflexology clinics locally.

Lisa worked as a registered mental health nurse in the NHS for over 20 years in North Staffordshire. Having worked as a community psychiatric nurse (CPN), she also worked in Day Care as a senior staff nurse supporting people living independently at home with physical and mental health needs.

While working as a nurse Lisa was invited to run a Reiki clinic for clients, carers and staff. She was also involved in clinical supervision, meeting regularly with other NHS staff also providing holistic therapies.

Lisa has run her business ‘Open Heart Healing’ as a holistic therapist and Reiki master since 1999. Soul-Reflexology is now part of this business.

  • Previously Lisa has taught Counselling Skills at Stoke on Trent College and Reiki at Leek College
  • Lisa has taught Reiki skills to carers in North and South Staffordshire for the Carer’s Associations
  • She has been a member of the Moorland Therapists for 15 years
  • She has membership with Professional Reflexology (PRM) and the UK Reiki Federation (UKRF)

Lisa meets regularly with other Reiki teachers and complementary therapists in North Staffordshire for clinical supervision and support. Lisa adheres to an ethos of both on-going spiritual/holistic self-work and lifelong learning.

Lisa has a special interest in supporting people managing depression and anxiety. She also actively works with her clients in a psychotherapeutic way to educate and support them in accessing and including effective stress- management techniques for their stress-related conditions.

Level 5 Reflexology, VortexHealing®  and Reiki are all excellent healing modalities that provide clients with holistic healing benefits.

Level 5 Clinical Reflexology is a robust, well known physical therapy that people enjoy receiving. Lisa works on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology has a good evidence base, being an effective therapy for most conditions. Lisa has had successes in providing treatments for stress related issues, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, pregnancy management, plantar fasciitis, pain, back ache, fatigue, migraines, Morton’s neuroma. She has trained in many aspects of reflexology techniques to support her client base.

VortexHealing® is a deeply relaxing healing therapy where you lay fully clothed on a couch, there is no touch involved. Lisa works with you through a clinical assessment to pinpoint your specific needs and together we work with focussed intention. Lisa employs this Divine energy system for emotional issues and the many aspects of our body’s energy systems. This includes the chakras, energy pathways and energy bodies as well as the physical body and all it’s organs and systems. Lisa has had successes in providing this treatment for depression, anxiety, sub-fertility, fear, low self esteem, chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue, recurrent infections, clearing debilitating negative/unwanted effects of prescribed drugs, clearing unwanted effects of street drugs,  supporting the body with transplanted organs, strengthening any individual organs and all bodily systems.

VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of the founder Ric Weinman VH Trust. Read more at www.vortexhealing.com.